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When does the 2017 Graduate Ambassador Program start?

The Graduate Program starts at different times around the globe because of local university term dates.
For example, if you’re in Australia and New Zealand you’ll start from February.
In Spain you’ll start from October.

How long is the Program?

If you get a place on the Graduate Wine Ambassador Program, you’ll be expected to complete up to five months of training in Australia and/or New Zealand and/or Spain and/or in USA before you head to our established or emerging markets around the world for 2 years

Do the 5 months of training take place before the 2 years placement?

Yes, as outlined in the key milestones below there is up to five months training before you are officially placed in one of the Pernod Ricard key or emerging markets for 2 years

Does the vintage experience depend on the assigned market of the placement?

You will be given vintage experience in Barossa Valley (Australia), and depending on the assigned market of placement you can have an additional induction in Marlborough (New Zealand) and / or La Rioja (Spain) and /or California.

How many roles are there?

We have recently recruited seven graduates across Australia, New Zealand and Spain. In 2017, numbers of places will vary from year to year between five and ten, depending on need in the markets we work in.

Where are the placements?

As a Graduate Wine Ambassador you’ll spend time at our wineries and head offices in Australia and/or New Zealand and/or Spain. After this, you’ll be given the chance to travel internationally to complete your placement in one of Pernod Ricard Winemakers’ other markets.

What is the type of contract?

We propose a 2 years and 5 months local fixed term contract.
By local, we mean a Spanish contract for those applying to the Spanish Program; an Australian contract for those applying to the Australia Program;
a New Zealander contract for those applying to the New Zealand Program;

What would the prospective salary be, and does it include accommodation?

We offer our Graduate Wine Ambassadors a competitive remuneration package that will be shared with them during the recruitment process.
Accommodation will be provided during the training while graduates are out of their home country.

Will I be guaranteed a job at PRW after my two-year period as a Graduate Wine Ambassador?

There are no guarantees, but we’re confident that our Graduate Wine Ambassadors will gain the experience and skills they need to succeed in our organisation.


When must I complete my degree by?

To apply for the program, you must have either completed your degree or be in your final year at university about to complete your degree.

What if I’ve already done my WSET Level 2 - can I still apply?

Yes! As long as you fulfil the rest of the criteria we’ve outlined (which can be found by visiting who we’re looking for we can work with you to tailor your training.

If I already have WSET 2 certification, can a WSET 3 be considered?

Yes, it can be considered

What citizen or resident status do I need to apply?

You need to be citizen of the country where you are applying to.
In the case of Spain, a citizenship from an EU country is accepted

Do you consider someone with a working Holiday visa?

Yes if covering all the period of the contract (2 years and 5 months)

Can international students apply to the Graduate Wine Ambassador Program?

Yes if you have the right to work and live in the country in which you apply.


Can I apply to all 3 programs (each country)?

You can only apply to the program where you are citizen, except for Spain Program, we accept EU citizens.

How long should the video last?

Your video can be up to 3 minutes in length, but we’re equally happy with a 30 second submission if you think it meets the brief and showcases you in the best way possible.

What are the closing dates to submit the application video?

Same as application:

Is the assessment day mandatory?

Yes, if you are unable to attend the assessment day you will need to raise this immediately with your local program coordinator.

How are locations assigned to successful candidates?

Locations for training are allocated according to the needs of that market, for example if they need someone who speaks the local language. Consideration is also given to the market preferences provided by the candidates.

Does the applicant choose a country of placement?

Applicants who proceed to the assessment day will be provided a list of potential markets where they can complete their placement, and asked to list these in order of preference. Will we do our best to meet the requests of each successful applicant.


What are the key milestones of the selection process:

Australia & New Zealand:


What are the key milestones of the Graduate Wine Ambassador Program?


New Zealand*:


What language will the training in Spain be conducted in?

The official language of Pernod Ricard is English, and training will be delivered in English across all countries. However, knowing some Spanish will help you to be more comfortable while you are living and training there. Having a second language is also highlighted as desirable for applicants to the program, and can be a big advantage.

How long are ambassadors going to stay in the country they’ve been sent to after training finishes?

Up to 2 years depending on the market

Will the in-market placement be in an English speaking country or Spanish or other?

We are present in 70 countries, it would be in our mature market or emerging markets including, but not limited to USA, Canada, Poland, Germany, Spain, Russia, India, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia.
In some markets such as Poland, Russia, Japan, Spain, Germany the local language is required.

Will you pay for me to relocate to a different market including my visa costs?

We will provide you with all the support you need during both your training and your two-year placement in one of our international markets.


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