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If there is something characteristic about Spain, it is the way its people live life and experience the world: to the fullest, making every moment count and turning the average into something special. It is a spontaneous, vibrant and lively spirit that makes them commit to any regular situation. A desirable part of their nature in every meal, every sip, every gathering and every action, this ethos allows them to live life to the fullest.

In a world where everything is over-planned and overcrafted, Campo Viejo is launching its Masterbrand campaign inviting the entire world to Add some Pasión. A reminder to join the spontaneous at heart, lively, committed, and optimistic with a clear purpose to turn the simple into the extraordinary with just one key ingredient: Pasión.

Defined as “an intense desire or enthusiasm for something, fuelled by a powerful emotion or feeling”– Pasión is the key ingredient, that has taken the brand to be the # 1 Rioja in the world. The drive, enthusiasm, and joy Campo Viejo feels for winemaking, allow its craft progressive style to fully shine next to new expressions of Rioja. With Pasión, its expert team pours their heart and soul into every bottle of Campo Viejo.

As part of this communication campaign Campo Viejo and CPB have leveraged the brand DNA as well as Spanish culture and aesthetics, creating a modern, distinctive and vibrant communication campaign and visual world. All of this has been possible through the use of lively colours and eye-catching imagery, as well as powerful language from 21st-century contemporary Spain that resonates globally given the meaning of PASIÓN as a universal aspiration.

This brand world is represented in the Masterbrand key visuals, where silhouettes and shapes create a remarkable artwork that makes reference to key elements that define Campo Viejo: the Sierra de la Demanda, the mountain range landscape where the grapes are cultivated; Bodegas Viejo, the home of Campo Viejo; the water used in the winemaking process, as well as Rioja’s grapes, the sun that gives life to them, the barrels that represent Campo Viejo’s commitment to sustainability, the vineyard and the community who looks after it, as well as the creativity of Campo Viejo’s team of oenologists.

At a time when life needs to be enjoyed slowly and experienced in the present, Pasión becomes a lesson to see the potential of everyday things with a new and
colourful perspective. With Pasión, the simple can turn into extraordinary.er of the best vineyards from some of the best sub-regions in Hawke’s Bay, including the famed Bridge Pa Triangle, Tuki Tuki and Gimblett Gravels districts. Church Road Winemakers take a back seat and allow the land to stamp its mark on the wine, so it reveals a true expression of place in every glass, every time. 

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About Campo Viejo

Campo Viejo, part of Pernod Ricard Winemakers Spain, strongly believes that life should be lived in a way that is dynamic, generous and authentic, just like their wines. With vineyards along the length and breadth of La Rioja and a creative and professional team in charge of their wines, Campo Viejo produces contemporary expressions of the Tempranillo grape, the area’s most iconic variety.

A combination of traditional winemaking techniques and state-of-the-art technology breathes life into their wines and are responsible for that glimmer and colour of
modern Spain that can be appreciated in every single glass. The innovative craftsmanship of the Campo Viejo winemakers is centred on coming up with wines where the fruit itself is the real star, bringing out the intense flavours of the Tempranillo grape and the region where it is harvested. Furthermore, the brand-new installations of Campo Viejo allow the winemaking team to study the future of DOCa Rioja wines and experiment with new grape varieties and winemaking techniques.

Everything contributes to the fact that Campo Viejo – one of the biggest Rioja wine producers on the international stage, present in more than 60 countries – is flying the flag for Rioja all over the world.

For more information: www.campoviejo.com and @campoviejo

Campo Viejo™ is a registered brand of Pernod Ricard Winemakers Spain

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