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After the launch of the new global campaign ‘Add Some Pasión’, Campo Viejo brings Casa Pasión to life: a groundbreaking experience where ‘things that are simple become extraordinary’, highlighting Passion through different creative disciplines like art, gastronomy, music and dance.

Logroño. September 2023. Campo Viejo continues to break the mould in the world of wine and adopts new forms of expression to reach consumers around the world, highlighting our DNA and Passion for life. As part of this mission, the opening of Casa Pasión, a project designed to share and provide space for experimentation and discovery through art, took place on September 12th and 13th.

With Casa Pasión, Campo Viejo’s close relationship with art has moved even closer to a multidisciplinary approach, broadening horizons as a reflection of the curiosity and innovative vision that characterises the brand. Bearing this in mind, Campo Viejo, located in the heart of La Rioja, transformed into an authentic home for two days, over the course of which guests could explore its rooms and discover how “things that are simple can be extraordinary” through different forms of arts and leading talents in each of these disciplines. The first Casa Pasión event enjoyed attendance by specialised industry media, content creators, commercial teams and clients.

With this new brand experience, Campo Viejo’s recent campaign, ‘Add Some Pasión’, plays a perfect role in connecting emotionally with consumers around the world, using its philosophy, progressive winemaking and the Spanish lifestyle, paying tribute to spontaneity and Passion.

Johann Wald – producer at Radio Primavera Sound- and Federico Lleonart – Global Ambassador of the brand – were the hosts at Casa Pasión. They accompanied
the guests through the tour that began with a special breakfast in a kitchen that overflowed with colour and amazing vibes. On the terrace of Casa Pasión, the artists
Nano4814 and 3ttman, who have been friends of Campo Viejo for several years, took the lead in a creative workshop where they encouraged guests to create their
own representations of Passion on individual canvases. They then put them together to create a mural during the tasting of Campo Viejo’s main range: Garnacha,
Tempranillo, Blanco, Reserva, Gran Reserva and Dominio.

The tour continued in the “artist’s studio”, recreated in the spectacular barrel room of the winery, where a special energy was breathed into one of the Casa Pasión’s
most stunning experiences on offer. In it, guests were able to enter the creation space, where they found an amazing artistic installation by Misterpiro, characterised by an endless number of works made by the artist that made the space an immersive place full of colour, textures.

Surrounded by all that creative energy and led by Misterpiro and Ignacio López –Director of Winemaking at Campo Viejo–, the guests were able to enjoy an exclusive viewing of the showcase of the new CV Reserva Pasión Edition Ltd bottle. which will be launched on international markets in December.

The Casa Pasión dining room hosted a multisensory experience that turned heads, hosted by Misterpiro and chef Alejandro Serrano, the youngest chef to be awarded a Michelin star in Spain. For two years, both have worked to create an experience that provides an explosion of sensations using the fusion of art and gastronomy. Their creative mindset and passion for exploring new horizons shared in the vision for the premiere of this project with Campo Viejo, which accompanied the experience with a perfect pairing that reinforced the synergy and coming together of the creative processes celebrated between chef, artist and winemaker.

To finish off the event, the Casa Pasión after-dinner meal was held. A moment that exuded the authentic flamenco soul and limitless creativity in which the guests
were left breathless in the presence of the Passion of the artist and creative director Ernesto Artillo. In a show starring guitarist Yerai Cortés, dancer El Tete
and singer Angeles Toledano, tradition was honoured through a groundbreaking contemporary twist in an act of pure experimentation.

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