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In 2019, Pernod Ricard launched the Good Times from a Good Place Sustainability & Responsibility 2030 Roadmap. Three years in, we’re sharing our FY22 progress as winemakers towards our key environmental sustainability targets under our Nurturing Terroir (nature and land) and Circular Making (carbon, water and waste) pillars.

Our ‘A Year in Focus’ FY22 covers:

  • An overview of our winemaking operations across 4 terroirs
  • Our approach to environmental sustainability and key targets
  • Key case studies outlining specific projects we are undertaking across the business
  • Our first carbon footprint (baseline FY18) and how we are reducing energy, water use and waste

Some highlights from the wine business for FY22 include:

  • We worked with 700+ growing partners, who contributed 70% of grapes sourced to produce all our wines (page 10)
  • 54% of our total carbon footprint sits in our Australian operations (page 20)
  • Globally, 90% of our total carbon footprint sits in scope 3, primarily across three areas grape and wine sourcing; packaging materials; and transport and distribution (page 22)
  • We use 100% renewable electricity sources at all our sites in Spain and New Zealand (page 23)
  • We reduced total energy used at our wineries, packaging and distribution facilities by 17% since FY18 (page 26)
  • We reduced our water use at wineries by 17% since FY18 (page 27)
  • We diverted 98% of waste at our wineries, production and distribution facilities from landfill (page 28)


Watch a summary of our progress here.


Questions? Reach out to our team at sustainabilityprw@pernod-ricard.com

More information? Visit Pernod Ricard’s global webpage on Sustainability & Responsibility for more information on our approach, policies, ESG ratings and reporting.

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